Байрам Саламов

Bayram Salamov, was born in 1965 in the suburb of Gohmug in Sheki (Azerbaijan), a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists с 2002. In 2010 he opened the studio-workshop "Art Gallery Bairam", where you can see the permanent exhibition of the artist's paintings, and observe the process of creating works. Here in September 2012, Salamov started a new creative project: he finds and presents to the public the young and little-known artists... More...


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The last work


"Art Gallery of Bayram"

"Art Gallery Bairam" presents a unique and memorable painting of the Bairam Salamov. The author through his work shows the world the way he sees it: bright, fantastic, sometimes sad, lyrical, sometimes enchanting carnival-like and festive. Viewers often imbued with the feeling of happiness and joy that they see in the paintings of Bayram. We invite You to look at the world through the eyes of an artist and feel happy!