Байрам Саламов

Bayram Salamov, was born in 1965 in the suburb of Gohmug in Sheki (Azerbaijan), a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists с 2002. In 2010 he opened the studio-workshop "Art Gallery Bairam", where you can see the permanent exhibition of the artist's paintings, and observe the process of creating works. Here in September 2012, Salamov started a new creative project: he finds and presents to the public the young and little-known artists... More...


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Bairam Salamov was born in 1965 in Gohmug Susuburb of Shaki (Azerbaijan). In 1986 he graduated from Azerbaijan State Art School named after Azim Azim-Zade in Baku.

Since 1990 he was lived and worked in Togliatti.

In 2001  he has received Grand Prix from Togliatti  Picture Gallery for work Musician’s Family in the Picture of the Year Contest.

Bairam Salamov has been a member of Russian Creative Union of Artists and International Federation of Artists since 2002.

In 2009 he graduated from Togliatti State University (Department of Applied and Decorative Arts)

In 2010 he was included in encyclopedia “Who is Who” in Russia.

In 2010 he opened his own  Bairam’s Art Gallery. His works and works of young unknown artists are displayed there. This is a unique place in Togliatti where you can see all stages of picture creation, meet famous writers, musicians, and artists from Russia and other countries.

In 2012 he was awarded by Silver Medal of Russian Creative Union of Artists for contribution to national culture.

The artist organized a number of personal picture shows in Russia and abroad. Bairam Salamov’s works were shown in cities like Prague, Hamburg, Paris, Lemesos. He is a participant of Moscow ArtManege.

Pictures of Bairam Salamov are presented in private collection in Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland and England.


Bairam Salamov’s oeuvre with his aspiration to re-create not ordinary, sometimes fantastic situations, the game and the interest in exoticism of the East can be called romantic. Original manner, especially – deepness and brightness of the color score, creating emotional energy of the painting contributes to romanticism.

The reasons of romantic world perception of the artist are quite traditional. He turns away from peaceful existence in typical conditions of the modern city which is surrounded with industrial plants, the city which has boring, faceless buildings repeated monotonically with blocked gating and iron doors of the houses. He pushes off gloomy bad feeling of the unimaginative place, which is without joy and tarnish. He creates something new and wonderful.

Being the son of the Azerbaijan town – Sheki, which is situated in the mountains, he often depicts the city crowded in the convex space, the houses made of stones and covered with the red tile, the portraits of its occupants, genre compositions. We can’t call the shown situations – everyday. The author has the other tasks. The motives, reconstructed in the picturesque works, excite by its queemess. Expressive plastique of the buildings of the ancient city and of the mountain settlements is accented in Salamov’s pictures. The painter feels the nature with deep and sincere emotion and transforms it into the excited and poetic images.

In Bairam’s works the vital energy and his native land brightness realize.

The kind of crowded scenes are the wedding cortege and the crush of the rich, multicolored, east bazar.

Bairam’s world of images – this is, first of all, the world of his people, which is shown with festal uplift, lyrically or with the following drama. There are the legends, poems and the music with the features of ancient time and the modern world in his work.

The subject of the east fairy tales in composition variations blends in the subject of love closely. Everything there is penetrated with the east delight. The ladies like flowers. They tilt their heads forward gracefully with calm pink faces. Slow and smooth movements, easy rotary movements, semi-closed or languishing eyes… In each Bairam’s picture there is love, delight and music. His characters are sunk into their feelings. It seems that this or that musical melody accompanies their condition. Sometimes the characters personify themselves in the vociferous music of the city. The poetry of the pictures for music theme and musicians,  their submission to the music rhythms and melodies – all that is created by special emotional atmosphere of the work, the harmony of composition decision and vibrating, full of motions and the light of color range. The composition rhythms and the color are in accordance with a songful line and the expressive plastique of the image.

The examples of such works are small genre episode from the life of musicians and other creative people like Biedermeier. And in this case the author opens the situation in detail. He recites the details of everyday environment, uses the plot as a means of realizing lyrical motive with some kind irony – sometimes naïve and touching, sometimes melancholic.

 In Bairam’s works there are the combination of Asiatic and European cultural features.

The fairy kings and the musicians in cockscombs are arriving on the stage. The acting out situations resemble the Anderson’s fairy tails. And also like in the south works there is the motive of the going far away tile housetops.

The European urbanistic views are drawn dimly, their colours range is connected with harmonic assonances. A great meaning has broken rhythms of the short and sharp lines and touches. Silent restraint of the cities can’t be broken even by bustling crowd on the streets, though the crowd also submits the certain composition order and rhythmically organized.

It is often that not some kind of concrete west city – Prague or Riga is depicted, though their characteristic features can be seen. These are generalized images of the European cities, which are shown in this or that situation, lighted differently in dissimilar emotional conditions. They disclose the variations of the images content of the city view.

The city theme is connected with the rain theme, which also consists of a lot of meanings and sub-meanings.

One of the Salamov’s romantic directions is depicting of the ancient sailing-ships, boats and modern ships, which are at anchorage.

The work is always complex, the language of associations is widely used.

The artist prefers the red colour which promotes the feeling of joy, energy but more often it is the internal strong emotion – deep-seated, but strong enough. The combinations of red and yellow with dark, sometimes black and also the contrast of the light and shadow used to express strong emotion.

The character of the Bairam Salamov’s creation is due to the romantic direction to which can be his painting belongs. His works forming have objective, common for all romanticists’ features. But we should not forget about the other important features of this artist’s becoming.

His native land – Azerbaijan mainly defines the painting language of the master. The modern national art with its worldview, imaginative and theme predilection, ornamental character influenced the artist.

Salamov’s works, like creation of many Azerbaijan artists, enrich the folk art – bright and cheerful ornaments of carpets, sonorous combinations of clear colour miniature paintings. Remember that before coming to Togliatti Bairam lived in Sheki where artistic crafts are spread till the Middle Ages.

Even in the Soviet period the research workers noted that there was the free use of the different painting methods of different times and countries in metaphorical Azerbaijan art. Together with the purposeful search of the own painting language Bairam follows this tradition.

There are a lot of pictures, they are very different, but the main thing in all of them – poetry and love to life which express themselves in sunny bright palette, the temperament of the picturesque, skill, the original plastique.



Paveleva-Kuzmina A.V. Art historian

The members of the Russian Commonwealth Artists.